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Finding the right outcomes  

When a student first starts at our school, they have an initial baseline assessment to help us better understand their needs and establish a curriculum ‘starting point’.  

We use BKSB (Basic Key Skills Building) for English and maths, as well as reading, writing and comprehension assessments.   

We also do psychometric assessments to gather additional information about a student’s social, emotional and mental health, development and processing and emotional regulation starting points. 

All this builds a picture of our students so that we can bridge any gaps in their learning while developing them into strong, resilient, and proactive adults. 

Once all the additional information is collated, we work with the students and their parents or carers to give them a forecast of what they should aim to achieve by the time they finish year 11. From there, they can continue with us into years 12 and 13 or move on to college or other educational schemes.   

The school’s curriculum is personalised to each student’s abilities, and they can study a range of qualifications in core subjects, such as unit awards, Entry Level qualifications, Functional Skills and GCSEs. They’ll also have access to alternative qualifications such as ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network), DofE (Duke of Edinburgh award) and BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council). 

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