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Esland Group


Skills, expertise and experience 

Our talented team have been handpicked to deliver the very best education and therapeutic care to our students.  

Our headteacher, Suzanne Harvey, is a highly experienced leader with a background in special educational needs.  

And our teaching and learning support staff have an extensive list of specialisms, including SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), core curriculum subjects, well-being and trauma, outdoor education, vocational learning, behaviour support, creative arts, and play therapy.  

All our staff incorporate therapeutic practises into their teaching to develop our students’ resilience and engagement with learning. And they’re all driven to achieve outstanding outcomes for them, no matter what their journey has been like so far.   

 Headteacher - Suzanne Harvey 

 Deputy Headteacher - James Pointing 

 Assistant Headteacher - Richard Hawley  

 SENCO - Nicola Gibson